Retro Soul by Eneeks

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E B Retro Soul (Promo Version Cover).jpeg

Retro Soul by Eneeks

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At Last, the debut of a three year effort. Witness an AMAZING audio blend of experimental hip hop and electronica, resulting in the most memorable collection of rap songs for this decade and beyond. Listen Now!

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A Musical Quest To Manifest Destiny. 

Retro Soul paints a vivid picture of aspirations of living the life on a bed of futuristic rap beats. Hear Eneeks as he outdoes himself in writing history with his sensational rap quotes. A NEW album where hip hop collides with electronicmusic bridged by the experimental. Your Ears are needed to experience Retro Soul, an album like no other. 

Cue the soundtrack to your next holiday with the Aviation Anthem, “Flight Students”.

Feel victorious when listening to “Victory”.

Be the centre of attention when you bump “Fear” in your car.

Connect emotionally with one of the most innovative breakup songs, “Addictive”.

Find a moment of inspiration in, “My Song, My Son”.

And no album would be complete without a song about a beautiful woman. 

On Retro Soul, Eneeks tells TWO tales back to back with, “Girl Of My Dreams” and “Girl Of My Nightmares”. 

These are just a few of the Great Songs on Retro Soul. Mixed with a collection of songs on life experiences, overcoming adversities, and fulfilling purpose. An album that was three years in the making as Eneeks worked two jobs, several days a week. Yet he miraculously made time to collaborate with fellow rapper and producer, Skin Teet Jones. Amidst this alliance they vibed in recording studios with the aim to create the magic that would become this album. 

Experience Hip-hop like never before! Don’t let your playlist be without Retro Soul. 

An album that is a symbol of hope and perseverance.

A True product of Chasing A Dream.

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