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A small label with global ideas.

I created Ricoshay as a simple vehicle to release our music.  Birthed within the rapid decline of the music industry, the label kept a close eye on the future and emerging music technologies.  Through years of research via countless books and publications, I discovered two themes.  Traditional record companies thought for self preservation while the tech industry thought for change.  I also discovered that the music industry was actually growing, but only record companies were shrinking.  Yet the world needs music.  We need music to compliment our lives, to entertain us, to dance, to feed our emotions, and inspire us to take an action.  Whether it be an independent outfit or a major, a team is still needed to search, discover and share music to us that possibly change our lives for the better.  More importantly, when our children decide to take a career in music, shouldn’t a parent be confident that their is a company they can trust, to make their dreams come true? aims to be that company.  A company that will rise amidst the decline, with new methods and business practices.   

A label of music.

A label of ideas.

A label of change.

A label of trust.

A record label redefining “The Record Label”  Build.Music.Life